Dare2Tri MACH2SCS Combinaison homme (2018) CTJUVU

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Dare2Tri MACH2SCS Combinaison homme (2018) CTJUVU

Description produit

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Dare2Tri introduces the new MACH2SCS. The bestselling wetsuit in 2015 was the MACH2! Now they updated the MACH2 into the new MACH2SCS with some slight changes to make it more durable and faster. In order to improve the durability, Dare2Tri have put in a special super stretch panel on the outside in the armpits, as well as on the inner side a 4-way super stretch nylon. The MACH2SCS is especially improved as they made the lower arm panel and lower leg panel from Glide Skin, the same material as in the MACH3S and MACH4S. Further the wetsuit is equipped with the latest SCS coated neoprene.

Collar 2 mm
The collar is made of a single layer material which has as great advantage to optionally be able to cut it with scissors to your personal perfect fit. The collar fits well and provides minimal inlet of water and prevents chafing. The closure on the rear is reversed. Dare2Tri are the only wetsuit brand to have selected this; the reason being that, in the unlikely event the suit is closed incorrectly, only the soft Velcro will touch the skin. Dare2Tri are fully convinced that their wetsuits (all models) are free of chafing.

Shoulders and armpits 2.5 mm
The armpit of the MACH2SCS is made of a 4-way stretch nylon that not only feels soft but is also very durable. The shoulders are made of a 2.5mm thick smooth skin neoprene.

Main chest panel 5 mm
The 5mm thick main chest panel ensures buoyancy, which makes you go faster and gives you a better lying position in the water, delaying the onset of fatigue. The ITU and ETU, as well as Ironman and Challenge, have imposed a maximum thickness of 5 mm.

From the upper leg to above the knee 5 mm
In order to prevent the legs from sinking down especially over longer distances, the upper leg panels are 5 mm thick for maximum buoyancy.

Lower leg panels 3.5 mm
The MACH2SCS has 3.5 mm thick lower legs so especially the less trained swimmers generate that extra buoyancy what they need. The material on the outside is made from Glide skin which makes it possible to quickly extract your wetsuit.

Calf panel 2.5 mm
The calf panel is equipped on the inside with our unique 4-way pre-stretched Super Stretch, which together with the Glide Skin on the outside and the obliquely cut opening, makes it possible to remove the wetsuit without any effort at all.

Back leg panel 3.5 mm
With a thickness of 3.5 mm, this panel makes it possible to achieve a perfect water position. If it were thicker, it would cause a hollow back and if it were thinner it would cause too low a position in the water.

Back panels 3.5 mm
The back panels are not only there in order to ensure extra buoyancy, but they are an extension of the shoulders as well. This is why 3.5 mm was selected with 4-way Super Stretch lining in order to obtain more freedom of movement as well as the additional buoyancy.

YKK zip
The zips have a metal runner, which ensures gradual opening and closing. Following a survey held among the Dare2Tri followers, so they decided to have the zip closing from the bottom up. The vast majority indicated this is to be preferred to a top to bottom zip.

Informations supplémentaires

  • with special Super Stretch Panel in the armpits and on the outside
  • Arm strip and lower leg plate made of a special sliding skin
  • Back section with 4 way stretch material for more freedom of movement
  • with bottom-to-top zipper
  • Nous vous conseillons de choisir votre taille habituelle
  • Vêtement près du corps, taillé pour les athlètes.




Usage prévu

compétition, Training





Fermeture éclair

1/2 dos


Manches longues : manches longues


Longueur de jambe : long


90 % chloroprène, 10 % polyester

revêtement de surface




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