Happy Hump Day! I am finally starting to recover from my week long vacation in Cabo. This was my first time going to Cabo so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I went with my boyfriend, Chandler, and stayed at the hotel Pueblo Bonito Rose. We purchased our tickets off of Costco travel which was such a GREAT deal. If you haven’t checked their travel page out you need to do so. What was so great about the package was that the hotel was all inclusive. ALSO the package included: flight, transportation and the hotel, HELLLLO if that isn’t a deal I don’t know what is. It made things so easy for us, everything was planned out all we had to worry about was what drinks we wanted to order. Speaking of drinks, has anyone tried a dirty monkey before…? This drink is my jam. Look to see what is in it and you will understand why I loved it so much. Anyway, before we left for the trip I spent so much time shopping for Cabo outfits… little did I know that I was going to live in my bikini. Which I was okay with because I did invest in some cute bikinis before leaving. My favorite one that I wore was from Victoria Secret. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of me wearing it. I am really upset with the lack of photos that I took on the trip. I barely carried my phone around due to the amount of time we spent in the pool or ocean. Below are a few photos of what I did capture from the trip. XOXO


FullSizeRender (33)FullSizeRender (35)FullSizeRender (37)FullSizeRender (36)FullSizeRender (34)FullSizeRender (32)


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