Summer Time, Finally..



There is something you should know about me, my most favorite time of the year is Summer. (besides christmas, obvs) I love a great pair of denim shorts and some cute sandals. Yesterday I was out shopping and came across this amazing top. I have never been one to wear prints but I was kind of obsessing once I saw this on the rack. The color, the super trendy bell sleeves, and the cute little lace up neckline. I actually found this top at Forever 21 at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. In order to find cute things in this store you have to have ALOT of patience, which is one thing I do NOT have. Soo it’s definitely a hit or miss for me when I walk through this store. My go to when it’s a little hot outside is some high waisted denim shorts and a blouse. Easy enough but still super adorable! My rag and bone shorts that are pictured above are some of my favorite. I may or may not have them in 4 colors… no judgement please. Summer is just starting in Orange County and I am so excited to see what fun trends pop up over the next few months. You can count on me to post my thoughts on each and every one of them. I hope all you fashionistas have a great memorial day weekend. I will be in the office working soooo have a glass of champagne for me!

XO, Kyn


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