Playful Prints

It’s the weekend! YAY! Happy Saturday loves, I hope you all had a great week! This look is from dinner last night. I picked up this top from Topshop earlier this week and couldn’t wait to wear it. How fun are the sleeves on this? I love that it has the tie on the bottom and its a bit of a “crop” top. It looks fabulous with high waisted pants! Buy this top here.

I paired the top with a pair of my favorite distressed black denim jeans. Believe it or not I got these jeans from H&M for $39.. What a steal! I did get these about a year ago but you can shop a similar pair here. For shoes I threw on my classic black Christian Louboutins. Yes, these shoes are a little pricey but they are a staple item that I believe every single women should own. Treat yourself! Trust me they will make you feel fabulous and so sexy when you put them on. Buy a pair similar to mine here.

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! Let me know what your plans are on my social media account. Check out my Instagram: my link is below or find me @champagneblissblog. Thank you for stopping by!

XO, Kyn


My Favorite Cut off Shorts

Happy Thursday Loves! As summer is approaching I am starting to fill my closet up with more and more cut off shorts. I’m sure everyone has started to notice their Instagram feed filling up with photos of shorts. The best part of cut off shorts is that you can dress them up OR down. My two favorite ways to wear cut offs are with my favorite pair of white converse or with a super cute espadrille wedge heel.

My all time favorite cut off shorts have to be my Rag and Bone shorts that I picked up from Nordstrom years ago. (I tried to find the most similar pair, it is option number 2 below) I linked a few different options below with all different price ranges. Click on the number below to shop the cut off shorts online!

Tag me in your photos on Instagram of you wearing your favorite cut offs this season! If you haven’t already, go and follow my social media: @champagneblissblog!

XO, Kyn

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Perfect Date Night Outfit

Happy Wednesday loves! As the weather is starting to warm up it has been making me want to venture out of my comfort zone of jeans. Usually I am the girl that will throw on a pair of jeans and be out the door. However, I am trying to change that up a bit. I have been purchasing more dresses and skirts. Now all I need is a spray tan…

Last night I wore this look below out on date night! This green slip dress is from No Rest for Bridget and the black jacket is from Nordstrom rack. These shoes are an oldie but goody, they are Sam Edelman. I picked these up from Nordstrom years ago. Shop a similar look here.

Since I am a little taller than the average girl (I’m 5’9) it makes it difficult to buy dresses and shorts. They are always too short for me, am I the only one? I need help finding the perfect Summer short. Does anyone have any suggestions? Leave me a comment below!

I hope you enjoyed this look. Follow me on Instragram if you don’t already: @champagneblissblog! (link is below)

XO, Kyn



Saturday Spent in Laguna Beach

Happy Sunday AND Happy Mothers day to all those beautiful mommies out there! I spent my morning with my mama, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our go-to spot in Irvine called Panini Cafe!

Today I am going to be posting about my day yesterday in Laguna Beach. As many of you know, I live in Irvine CA which is about a 15 minute drive from Laguna Beach. Chandlers family lives in Laguna so we go down there pretty often!

Yesterday we got up early and headed to the farmers market. We ended up getting the best organic fruits and vegetables! After that we headed over to his moms house and enjoyed a delicious lunch outside. The ocean view from their deck is unbelievable..

Since I knew we were going to be at the farmers market and just hanging around I wanted to wear something comfortable, yet cute. I ventured out of my comfort zone and threw on a camo shirt around my waist. I have always been so scared of wearing anything camo… don’t ask me why, because I have no idea! I wanted to start off with a small statement piece rather than go full on camo. I paired my ripped Joes jeans with my Vince Camuto slides that I just picked up from Nordstrom, and of course I put on my favorite velvet burgundy Topshop baseball cap. Anytime I don’t feel like doing my hair I always throw on a baseball cap, I find them to be so adorable!

I hope you enjoyed my post. Find my Instagram link below! I post photos almost daily so go over and follow me. Let me know what looks you want to see.

XO, Kyn


Day at the Museum

Happy Tuesday loves!

I have been bad with posting for the past week so I apologize. I had a big change happen in my life that I am so excited about! For the first time in 3 years, my days off are now Friday & Saturday. I haven’t had a normal weekend day off in years… I am so excited about this because I will be able to spend more time with my family as well as more time on my blog!

On my first Saturday off I spent the day at the Getty Museum! It definitely wasn’t the nicest day outside but the museum was breath taking. I had my little side kick with me to take photos capturing our day. You will see my boyfriend a lot in my photos, his name is Chandler and he is just the best! As of right now he is my photographer, so a huge thank you to my handsome man.

I put in a few photos from the day. Don’t mind my outfit… it was raining and FREEZING outside so I was definitely not looking my cutest. One of my favorite parts of the museum was the flower garden that they had. Not only was it beautiful but it smelt so amazing, I love fresh flowers.

I hope you enjoy the photos! If you don’t already follow me on social media head on over to Instagram and add me! You can click on the icon below or search me by @champagneblissblog.

I can’t wait to bring you guys on my next journey!

XO, Kyn

My Spring Must Haves

Hello my loves! It definitely feels like Spring here in the OC… It actually has been so hot it could be summer. Spring is hands down my favorite season, when I can get past my allergies that is.

I hand picked a few of my favorite spring items that I wanted to share with everyone. You can find all of these items on Nordstrom, Revolve and Sephora! These three places are my go to sites to find all my must haves! I want to hear what your favorite Spring must haves are, share with me here or on my social media!


P.S. Hover over the item to see the name and who makes it 🙂

Festival Feels

Happy Sunday loves! I felt it would be appropriate to upload all things festival now that Coachella is finally over. I personally have never been to Coachella and I definitely don’t think it’s for me. Crowds give me anxiety… BUT I do love seeing all the fashion trends. When I think of a festival outfit I think of cutoff shorts, lots of jewelry, oversized hats, huge sunglasses, and crop tops. Its so fun to scroll through instragram to see what all the A-listers wore and what parties they were attending. Some of my personal favs this year were worn by: Amanda Stanton, Tasha Oakley, Carolina Lindo, Bryana Holly, and Arielle Charnas! I loved how effortlessly chic they looked. (check out their instagram pages, you will be just as obsessed as I am)

Below are a few photos of an outfit that brings me serious festival vibes! I had so much fun shooting these, I hope you enjoy!

XOXO, KynFullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (7)